At Epic Sports & Deep Tissue Massage, our massages are all 100% custom to the client and their needs. Each massage is a combination of sports and deep tissue modalities. It will vary per client, as no client is going to need the same exact work. For example, one client may come in as an elite runner, another a football player, yet another a kayaker or skier. Each client will require different type of massage therapy.

Our talented sports massage therapist, Jasmine, is very familiar with what muscle groups need and focuses her work depending on your individual hobbies or even work. This type of massage is NOT the feel good lay and relax type of experience. Massage therapy from Epic Sports is a more clinical based massage - addressing problem areas and focusing attention on specific muscle groups to promote recovery. The massage itself does not typically feel good for the immediate time being, but the after effect is very rewarding. Jasmine also includes stretching routines within your massage treatment if deemed necessary for recovery.


From the moment you walk through our door, our therapist works diligently to make each client feel completely comfortable. Our client's comfort and our therapist's professionalism are of top priority throughout the entire appointment. The massage appointment will begin with our licensed massage therapist speaking with you, to directly identify the types of stressors or pain you're facing to create a custom massage plan for you.

Jasmine is also extensively trained and offers sessions for:

  • Massage Therapy for Youth
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Hip Issues
  • Sciatic Therapy
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Migraine Relief
  • TMJ muscles
  • Shoulders and Neck Massage

Clients are highly encouraged to hydrate before every session, as well as follow up with a large amount of water after your massage is complete. Hot and cold therapies are also recommended after your massage. Jasmine will also walk each client through a stretching routine and different self therapies to carry out at home to help promote and continue the recovery process.

Contact Jasmine today to book your next deep tissue massage appointment.