Jasmine Watson LCMT

Jasmine Watson LCMT

EPIC Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Jasmine is a licensed and certified massage therapist who graduated from Idaho State University in 2012 with a passion for sports and deep tissue massage. While attending ISU, she took on the role of Vice President in 2012 and President in 2013 of the Massage Therapy Student Association. She also dedicated her time to the athletic training room as a massage therapist and assistant trainer.

Jasmine is experienced in sports massage, athletic training camp, medic team injury and prevention treatments, Stem treatment, ultra-sound, ice massage, active and passive stretching, and taping. She enjoys educating her clients on what modality she is using and why she is taking that approach.

When Jasmine is not working, she has her hands full as a single mother with an active 15-year-old, Kyah, who has a passion for soccer. Jasmine is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys staying active in both the community and in her personal life, thereby maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is creative and loves spending quality time with her family and friends. She’s very outgoing, spontaneous, and loves making people smile.

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