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EPIC Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Talented Boise, ID, Sports Massage

Whether you're a middle-aged marathon runner, a high school soccer player, or a body builder, your body is likely in need of recovery from all that training! Our deep tissue massage at EPIC Sports & Deep Tissue Massage will help your body and muscles recover after each workout. Our deep tissue and sports massages are much deeper than your typical relaxation massage. We also incorporate different stretching techniques, ice massages, and heat packs to make sure your body gets the recovery it needs.

Jasmine is a licensed and certified massage therapist who graduated from Idaho State University in 2012. She has a passion for sports and deep tissue massage: while attending ISU, she took on the role of Vice President in 2012 and President in 2013 of the Massage Therapy Student Association. She also devoted her time in the athletic training room as a massage therapist and assistant trainer.

Sports Therapist and Massage Therapy

Located in Boise, ID

Our sports massage is an active massage involving both active and passive stretching. We can incorporate both heat and ice, depending on your personal preference, to make sure the tissue of each muscle in your body can fully recover for your next ski trip, soccer game, or triathlon. Having a deep tissue massage and adding sports massage to your physical regimen will give you access to peak physical health and performance!